bucket o- cops

There were all these cops in the middle of Newton yesterday. Like, seriously a ton of cops. On every corner. Drinking coffee, Smoking butts, chatting it up with their brothers in arms.

Later on that night, katsumi and I went out for dinner in the same area, and there were STILL all these cops! Being a conversant pair, let me relay to you the ensuing discussion.

e: I think I have seen more cops today than I have ever seen in my entire life. It makes me nervous, you know?

k: yeah…

e: ’cause my inspection sticker or whatever is expired, and I’m too broke and lazy to get a new one.

k: oh – I thought you were going to say you were worried something dangerous was going on. Terrorism or something.

e: nope – i just don’t want to get caught with my June sticker.

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