just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

7 things you may not know about the Boozie:

1. She gave me a great recommendation about restaurants in DC
2. She hates slow and stupid drivers almost as much as I do
3. Although we have never met in real life we posted about the exact same things for like a month straight
4. there is an impostor lurking out there.
5. that whole jesus / dad thing. I don’t really know either, so if anyone does please explain it to me.
6. She loves her some comments!!
7. She likes to drink. oh wait… maybe that was obvious šŸ˜‰

7 things I have never done and may never do:

1. take the GRE
2. switch to decaf
3. learn calculus
4. have a sex change
5. heroin
6. become at peace with my bodily proportions
6. sell my used books

7 things I did NOT do this weekend:

1. vomit!!
2. go out of town to one of the many area beach locations
3. move into college
4. become ill after looking at the “real brains” at the science museum
5. get my home delivery of the Boston Globe
6. donate to the red cross (because my bank account is still in the red)
7. take the gorgeous weather for granted

7 times I was almost killed or seriously injured

1. I don’t remember it becuase of the massive concussion, but apparently when I was 14 I was involved in a pretty serious car accident in which my face connected sungly with the windshield of my parents’ Oldsmobile. I still have a small scar on my chin!
2. I was only a little drunk when I went running from the gas station to the car in three inch heels and slipped on black ice and broke both my wrists. (it was a sprain and a bone bruise, but “broke” sounds so much more dramatic)
3. I was very sober when I almost totaled my brand new car because some brainless moron decided to blow through a stop sign right in front of me.
4. I was about 7 years old when I almost drowned in my friend Alison’s pool. I was using a snorkel and had the bright idea to dive under one of those floating ring-things and it was lucky for me that she was a good swimmer or I would have been in rough trouble.

I kind of feel like that’s it for the near-death… I have been lucky, I guess!

7 people to tag:

1. Tressor
2. Shannoxx
3. Colleen of the Long Black Hair
4. Sabominator
5. PinkShoes
6. Molly
7. DodiaFae

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