anything to avoid Excel.

I should be doing a number of things right now. But I’m not. I am going to blog.

so I just read this post on Boozie’s site and had a startling revelation.

I have not had a puking hangover in like a month. This is really such an incredible thing. You have no idea. I’ve really been putting my stomach to the test, too. Let’s take Saturday night for example. Katsu and I show up at the TCITB compound armed with 3 6-packs of beer and 2 bottles of champagne. I drank an entire bottle of the bubbly, more beer than I remember, and I feel like there may have been a mixed drink of some sort in there as well. I was so drunk I was a little embarassed for myself. I was so drunk I got in a lettuce-and-american-cheese food fight. I was so drunk that by midnight I couldn’t remember how to play asshole. And yet, when the morning came, NO PUKING. Nary a hint of nausea nor even a slight twinge of a headache to darken the blue skies of my sunday morning. A Labor Day miracle!

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