no seriously, give me a raise,

boy oh boy, there is nothing for the productivity wagon like a rainy Monday. especially when you are recovering from a sunburn and wearing the most bizarre combination of clothes that you could have pulled out of the black hole that is your closet. Especially when there is NO COFFEE.

That’s not entirely true, the productivity part. I have researched hotels for a weekend trip in September, I have changed flights for a vacation in october, I have researched nightlife and bars for aforementioned october vacation, i have looked online for dresses to wear to a friend’s wedding, and i have written myself a salary check.

can we see where this is going?

I am such a hedonist.

But I wasn’t kidding about the weird clothes. I look like a circus freak. I put on this dusty green shirt that would show off the tan(burn) that i got over the weekend. unfortunately, the shirt somehow actually CLASHES with my new skintone. Then I got cold so before I left the house I threw on this weird sweatshirt from French Connection that is black with purple and pink accents that doesn’t match the shirt and doesn’t really fit me and DEFINITELY clashes with my sunburn. Then my feet got cold, so I put on my new blue and pink Saucony(ie?)s. Let’s review:

dusty green / pink / purple / black / blue / other shade of pink (on shoes) / weird fading sunburn

circus. freak.

what I really need is a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and a nice glass of cabernet. And some silk PJs and slippers. I don’t ask for much, you know? 😉

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