blogThisihT ’05

It’s not difficult to ascertain that I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of the blogs I read just got back from that “Blog-Her” thing. They are all posting about blogHer this and blogHer that and here are my pictures from blogHer and here is Dooce making a funny face and here is someone else drinking wine and here are all these women bloggers doing women things and being empowered as women because they are blogHers. Before taking that last sentence as a complete diatribe against the conference or its attendees, let me stand up and say that I have looked at EVERY photoset. Maybe I’ve even looked at them twice. Go ahead, follow the links in the sidebar – You’ll find ’em!

But here is the thing: I’ve never been a “joiner”. I’m not one of those people that gets all fired up about being female / a filmmaker / the oldest of three. I’ve had periods where i tried really really hard to blend in (a women’s conference at Harvard during my junior year of high school comes to mind: we wrote things and sang songs and I cried and shit. They totally saw right through me.) but always wind up feeling generally self-conscious and weird. Like I’m wearing a sign that says “I AM SELF-IMPORTANT” in big hairy letters. So I view these things with a mix of derision and jealousy, because I wish I COULD be jazzed beyond belief to go to a conference that would teach me how to be a better writer and be surrounded by women who are my intellectual peers. I wish I could fly across the country and feel at home among like-minded females. But I can’t, or rather, I couldn’t, and so instead I take this bizarre high-minded, protective stance.

It also got me thinking: a bunch of the sites I read would be classified as “mommy blogs” or whatever, because you know, they’re written by people with kids. So what would you call this blog? Drunken blog? Debauched blog? Random blog? Maybe I could have a conference too, except it would just be me, Boozie, and a couple cases of Miller Light. Now THAT is something I could get into!!

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