mondays should just be effing shot.

it’s the kind of tired where the effort of breathing borderlines on herculean and the slightest noise or touch is unbearable, the kind of tired that makes me wonder if mono might actually be as bad as they say. It’s not like i was up till all hours last night, or even the night before! I have been getting a solid 6 hours (except for Friday, but you can’t count Fridays) and still am this exhausted.

It does not bode well for my productivity.

Also, has anyone ever NOT gotten served booze in Chinatown? I took my sister’s almost of-age friends for a scorpion bowl at 1:30AM, and after the requisite ten minutes spent staring at the table with his hands in his pockets the waiter came over and was like, “bar closed”. I said, innocently (ok, maybe I was a bitch, whatever), “what TIME is it?”

the reply: “bar closed”

This, from the restaurant that served me a ‘bowl at 2:15 AM one bygone saturday and then offered a straw to my 14-year-old sister.

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