LA > AZ yeah baby yeah

So it looks like some people have already peeked at these since I uploaded them to Flickr last night! Sneaky little rats. I have “budget-flickr” and therefore could only post a small fraction of the actual pictures taken (I literally have like 215 pictures from the trip. But a lot of them are kind of shitty.) you can go here to see the photoset, but right now I’m all about having fun with captioning. And I know all the images are running into the sidebar, but I just don’t have time to fuck around with my template right now, so deal. 🙂

Let’s start where it’s important: the hotel bar!!

expensive wine and free snacks!!

that, dear friends, is a fourteen dollar class of wine. Cakebread Vineyards Sauvigon Blanc. It was delicious. When we went down to the pool (I have a picture, but can’t load it yet) the bartender poured it into a paper cup that happened to have some sugar in it. So of course I pointed it out to him and got ANOTHER glass of fourteen dollar wine FOR FREE. Bliss, I’ll tell you. The other great thing about the bar was the free snacks in the sterling silver snack carousel. Cashews, wasabi peas and mixed nuts. mmmm….


getting happy @ happy hour

shows exactly how happy I was.

Moving right on to my room:

sweet bathroom

note the inexplicably placed flat-screen television. I still don’t get it.

trashed hotel room

here’s my hotel room after 2 days. Guess what, I’m a TOTAL SLOB!!! My boss came in and was like “woah, it looks like you’ve been on a five day drug binge in here”, which made me think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the grapefruits and the tormented bellboy.

Moving on:

comfy bed

I took a lot of pictures of myself over the course of the trip. Here, I was trying to show the bed (which was THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER) but just got a great shot of my eye makeup. Lovely, no?

my balcony

this is my balcony, which is also trashed.

And speaking of trashed, here are me and some friends at dinner!!


TRASHED!!! I feel like they are making fun of me because I won’t stick my tongue out for the picture. See how she’s pointing at me? I don’t do tongue shots. It’s not in my contract.


on top of a mountain!!!

is my newest picture which will now be my avatar for like EVERYTHING ever. Styro, the view is from a mountain just outside Phoenix.

In this picture you can see it better.

me n' B over Phoenix!!

yeah, or maybe not. That is my dear friend Brandon, who writes and directs movies. I worked on like 3 of them, so you should check that out. And because the website looks cool and there is multimedia, which is always a trip.

love the cactus... touch the cactus...

I am so ready to make out with this cactus. For real.

And this is just my favorite picture:

first time in the ocean!!

it’s his first time in the ocean. Ever. I think that is so cool. Look how happy he is!! Well, maybe you can’t tell, but I know he was happy.

OK, so that’s it for now, this has taken me like 30 minutes to put together. I’m trying to upgrade to Flickr Pro so I can put up more photos! 18 is just not enough. keep checking back.

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