goin’ to california

yep, next week I will be in SUNNY LOS ANGELES all tussied up in BUSINESSWEAR corralling a bunch of my friends from KENTUCKY around the BEVERLY HILLS HILTON.

Sound fabulous? Jealous much? y’all should be.


I am feeling pretty unprepared. Last night was spent in a frantic whirlwind of retail madness as the female members of my family clan banded together in search of appropriate businesswear for yours truly. The detrius of the resulting binge is strewn across my apartment floor: bags from Banana Republic, J Crew, Victoria’s Secret, and French Connection, containing approximately 2.5 more outfits than are really necessary. The guilt it is a bubblin’.

Despite the large financial outlay (thanks mom, thanks dad!!), I am still missing certain key items for the trip, those being: Chunky Silver Necklace (to Accent White Blazer and Black Pants Combo Special #2), Super Fabulous Pedicure (for the Super Fabulous Green Heeled Sandals), and Fancy Pants iTrip (for my 5 hour pre-LA tour de Kentucky).

The most important on the list is the Pedicure. The toes, good god, they are unseemly. Not to be gross, but***:

Anyway, I am looking at T-minus three days till liftoff and hot damn, I just don’t know where I’ll find the time for it all. Or the money. Money is that other thing that I don’t have a lot of.


***NO THOSE ARE NOT REALLY MY TOES. Come on people. Google image search – bringing you the very best.

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