keep it in the box.

So the botched wax job is healing nicely, and although there is still the possibility of some scarring, I can WALK once again, which is good. I even managed to plunge into the ocean during the weekend in


It was a good weekend, excellent even! We stayed in an efficiency suite on route 1A, remarkable for its dark woody paneling and ant infestation. But that was all good because you could WALK to the BARS and the BEACHES!!

we ate,

we drank,

I did drunken karaoke and later stumbled along the moonlit beach. It was really such a nice and relaxing vacation.

And then this morning, the email appeared.

Hi Erin, this is SO-AND-SO from THAT BIG COMPANY YOU DO BUSINESS WITH SOMETIMES and didn’t I see you at Gabby Sullivan’s in York Beach? On Sunday night? I saw you sing!!

Whereupon I died of embarassment.

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