oh, sing me a song of a 17-hour day

yeah, so I had this bright idea that my company should replace the old piece of shit computer that we have been using since approximately 1993. and you know, the problem with replacing old piece of shit computers is that the new fancy-pants computers seem to have an entirely different idea of how to operate. As I have mentioned before, I am a technological idiot. The equivalent of chopsticks on the keyboard. I got excited when I learned how to use the “href” tag and thought I was a genius for like a week. Because of this, I could not have foreseen that what by all accounts should have been merely a moderately complicated installation would turn into some kind of bizarre and endless contortion of compatibility horror…

I am not complaining. I have sat back and spent the past 3 hours or so watching Katsumi try trick after trick to get that puppy up and running and now am sitting in the basement having a(nother) beer. He is the one upstairs in the hotseat. I’m just bored. So indulge me, won’t you? Because I’m kind of tired, and my head hurts. Maybe from the beer. Or maybe from the UNWAVERING HEAT.

While the computer was loading or transferring or corrupting some directory or another, katsumi was kind enough to fetch the old-as-shit AC from the office attic. This was nice, because my office is all windows and let me tell you it gets hot as balls in there. But now it’s cooling down. Now that I’m basement-blogging.

We have an imac in the basement of my work. It’s pretty fun. Last week it spontaneously decided that it would only open one word file at a time and not respond to double-clicks or shortcuts. then our wireless connection crapped out, again for no good reason whatsoever. Then today it went back to normal. Go Apple. i love my ipod and everything, but for real, I think this thing is posessed.

Come to think of it, I think all computers are posessed. Maybe that’s just because I don’t understand them. Or maybe it’s because they really are posessed. My DVD player is definitely posessed. It likes to open and close on its own. And when i was in the editing room at work the other day our VCR turned itself on and off. That was kind of creepy.

I have this massive itch inside my left ear. It’s so bothersome.

hoo boy, you know that might be all the excitement I have in my corner right now. an itchy ear and a scratchy throat and a beer.

i guess the moral of this story is to not keep old piece-of-shit computers around for so damn long. Either that or give up while you still can and just join a commune, far away from DVD players and manic VCRs and old (or new) uncooperative computing devices.


PS – did you notice that this was posted at like 2:30 AM? That means that both Katsumi and I have been on-the-go for like, 18 hours. Does that spell fun or what.

yeah, it spells “think twice before you upgrade”.

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