lunchtime update

I can now tie my dress, still can’t breathe, and I just ate a scallion pancake, which isn’t helping matters. (mmm, scallion pancake).

And I am having random thoughts. As an example:

My friend and coworker refuses to wash dishes. She will use a pan/dish/glass/spoon, rinse it off, and put it back in the cupboard. I an confused as to whether this should be considered “quirky” or just gross.

And I have been pondering over this:

I had a dream last night (oh no, more dreams) about an ex-boyfriend. And in the dream, not only did he look very much like he did the last time I saw him (about 7 years ago) but I could also SMELL HIS BREATH. And his breath also smelled the same. Is that normal, to be able to smell in your dreams? I think it’s pretty bizarre.

and this:

I seem to have a reader in Bosnia. Which I find intriguing.

Alright, back to business.

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