scene and heard in Newton

8:40 AM, there is a massive 18-wheeler stopped in the middle (i mean MIDDLE!!) of the street, apparently stuck on a low-hanging wire. (In Newton, we don’t imagine that 18-wheelers would ever sully our beloved back streets, so we don’t keep the wires strung up like we should.) Five mover-guys are working on this “wire issue”, and one, batting at the air with a broom, manages to loose the truck from its moorings. But we’re still moving slow, here, and the ass end of the truck becomes similarly entangled.

All of a sudden!!!

a lavender minivan appears out of NOWHERE, and veers AROUND the truck and ACROSS some old guy’s lawn, apparently too busy / important / rich to wait for the moving truck to become mobile once again.

Before Katsumi and i can say “what the fuck was that all about”, the moving guys are ALL UP IN THIS MINIVAN’S GRILL, yelling and screaming, and the (woman, ostensibly) in the minivan was giving it right back to them! Although I couldn’t make out the details of the fracas, it was apparent that the moving guys would have liked to haul that scrawny bitch out of her mom-mobile and give her what for. The woman, who seemed to have some anger-management issues of her own, was thinking that if she were a man, she would dish out a beat-down like they’d never seen before. After several rounds of Assorted Moving Men v. Soccer Mom on Steroids, the woman drove away in a huff.

But not before yelling into her sideview mirror;
“You wait till my husband hears about this!!”

Ah, Gloria Steinem. How proud you would have been.

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