booze is like prozac for the soul

so on Friday I was ready to leave my job. Like seriously, threads away from just completely losing it and shrieking and walking out. Even after a lovely dinner of gourmet pizza and (a lot of) wine, I still could not shake a deep and ponderous angst about the state of my employment. This was upsetting to me. But let me briefly run over the theraputic bender of a weekend that has helped me breathe deep once again in front of my monitor.

Saturday: drinking in honor of the birthday of TRESSOR.
Highlights: jager shots with sabominator and the ironic ordering of four “redheaded sluts” while standing in a pile of somebody else’s vomit. (Ironic because I have RED HAIR – don’t get any funny ideas.)

Sunday: recovery followed by monstrous eating of brunch (mimosas and eggs) followed by monstrous eating of BBQ (homemade baked beans) followed by drinking and movies at casa de Sid
Highlights: Basking in the splendor of Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” and ending the evening with neat scotch.

Monday: Induction of the GASTRONOMICON; a day where the goal is to eat as much delicious food as you can stuff in your gut.
Round 1: Crepes and coffee
Round 2: Chicken salad salad with a side of vegetarian Chili / several rounds of heady beer
Round 3: Vodka and Champagne (not technically food, but whatever)
Round 4: popcorn and soda and “Revenge of the Sith”
Round 5: Vietnamese and white wine in Brookline while watching the Sox game
Highlights: Sharing a glass of Rapscallion White Ale while waiting for the rain to end and walking in the public gardens at sunset. Oh, and forcing Katsumi to drink Sambuca “up”. That was good too.

So we’ll see how long the afterglow can hold… I’m saying that by noon I’ll need some more gastronomical therapy.

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