idiocy makes the world go round

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, ErinirE thought that the “real world” would have some semblance of order. Rapidly tiring of the endless runaround to be had whilst switching classes / majors / socks at college, she dreamed of a job where things would make sense and move quickly, and was wooed into submission by visions of a streamlined existance full of banana republic slacks and organized file cabinets.

ErinirE got bitch-slapped with a big fat dick by this “real world” bullshit, let me tell you.

an example:

“where is that CD?”
“i dont’ know, didn’t you have it?”
“no, i thought you had it.”

commence 20-minute search for CD

“ok, well, let’s email Bob and see if he still has the data backed up.”
“well wouldn’t it be easier to take the data from our machines?”

commence 20-minute discussion on the best way to get data.

“ok, i’m calling bob now.”

commence 15-minute explanation of situation to person on phone.

“oh, this is the secretary? ok, I’ll hold.”

commence 15-minute explanation of situation to person on phone.

“bob left for the day. she says he’ll call us tomorrow.”

This is not the world I was promised by Banana Republic or the J Crew Businesswear collection. Sometimes I feel seriously like that commercial where the guy is working with a bunch of monkeys.

and another thing? Banana Republic’s pants don’t fit short people like me. So, Banana Republic, why don’t you TAKE YOUR TALL-PEOPLE PANTS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS.

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