all plastic is not created equal

I would just like to say a very brief word about the beauty of quality to-go containers. When you are broke (due either to inadequate income or excessive Clothing, Food and Alcohol Purchases)(and i think we all know which category I belong to) you don’t have a lot of dollars to throw back on tupperware. There are the Glad Containers, a cheaper, more disposable alternative to traditional tupperware. I tried said containers with the best of expectations only to have my hopes dashed when 2-day old chicken fajitas leaked their juices all over my refrigerator. So what’s a girl to do?

Enter the Chinese take-Out Joint. For a cost only slightly higher than a home-cooked meal, one can procure an only moderately unhealthy dinner, delivered to the door, sealed in wonderfully high-quality plastic containment units which can be used again and again, ad infinitum. I was most pleased this morning to find a Greek salad in the work fridge encased in just such packaging.

So here I am, 10:30 in the morning, enjoying a breakfast of leftover pizza and salad, reveling in the beauty of the salad’s container. My fabulous life, ladies and gentlemen; it just DOES NOT GET any better than this!!!

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