when I started working here, my boss was really on my ass about my handwriting, which has been described by some as “artistic” and by others as “illegible chicken scratch”. I side with the former group. I love my handwriting, even if I am the only one who can read it. Bearing this sentiment in mind, I took The Boss’ criticism and tossed it to the side, as he can be willful and not at all into doing things that require effort (ie: can you dial this number for me, I don’t have my glasses). But as on my ass as he was about my handwriting, which I eventually remedied by adopting a 5-th grade, “all-caps”, block style for all Boss/E$ correspondance, he was more on my ass about numbers. Like how my 4s looked like 7s and my 7s looked like 1s and my 6s sometimes looked like 8s, but not that often, really. I was like, whatev’ you are so CRAZY, man!!

so this morning I am calling the attorney back re: the car and I look down at the number I wrote and for the life of me, i could not figure out if it was 5513 or 5573. So score one for The Boss, I guess.

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