annd, breathe.

I would like to extend my esteem and gratitude to kha0s and princess for their advice around this car situation. I spent the bulk of my morning reviewing my (behemoth pile of) service records, and have a call in to an institution that should be able to tell me if my car is, indeed, a lemon. Here’s hoping that this will end happily, with Ford taking their “60/30 deal” and shoving it up their tight little ass.

a tale of joy for Friday:

rummaging through my glove compartment in search of any stray car receipts, I happened upon

  • a pretty necklace
  • my favorite lipgloss
  • forty bucks worth of store credit at Barnes and Noble
  • a gift certificate in the amount of (ee!!) ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to Crate and Barrel!!

good lord in heaven, the possibilities. I may just douse myself in honey and roll around in all these gift certificates while singing the theme from “The Sound of Music” it is all so bloody exciting.

that or leave work early to buy those camper sandals.

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