status of my pimp-hood

OK, right up front, were no hookers and no smack this weekend. So if you’re looking for hookers and smack, just MOVE IT ALONG, SON, there ain’t nuthin’ to see here.

GET THIS: Saturday night there were plans to catch the opening night of “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I was fairly opposed, what with the goal of the weekend being total obliteration and all. But nobody else seemed interested in the darker side of the whorehouse, so the movies it was. We met up at Uno’s for drinks before showtime. And you know, I’ve tried this before, the whole “chug booze before the movies so you go in wasted” routine, and although it works well at REAL restaurants like the B-Side Lounge***, at chain places I never seem to get past go. I attribute this to several reasons, the first being that the cocktails are watered down, and the second being that the servers just don’t seem to GET that someone might actually REQUIRE 4 drinks in 40 minutes. I tried my best, I swear, I even pulled out the BIG GUNS (read: dirty martini) but no avail. Luckily, the movie held up well on its own, and despite my reservations I am glad to have seen it.

On Sunday, Katsu and I went to an afternoon screening of Kung-Fu Hustle, fortified by 25 pounds of brunch from the aforementioned B-Side Lounge. That was good and all, but the breakaway winner of the weekend came in the form of Kim Chi Chigue in the food court at the Super 88 Market. SO GOOD. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. As a self-professed restaurant snob, the fact that I am openly touting the merits of food-court fare should really say something for the amazing-ness of this Kim Chi.

***(For anyone in the Boston area reading this blog, the B-Side has the best brunch EVER, hands-down. I totally got hungry just looking at their website just now.)

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