and furthermore,

i kind of feel like that last post was pretty boring, so let me assault you with a barrage of miscellany

  • Yesterday I assembled my new manager’s chair. It took me 2 hours and gave me a charley house in my back. The armrests are still a little wobbly
  • this afternoon my boss bought me pizza
  • an hour ago my mom called me to say just to say hi and i was so touched i almost cried
  • right now i am drinking what just might be the best iced coffee ever
  • I came into work today and i was like “oh fuck, i have to balance the checkbook”. and then i opened the checkbook(s) only to find that they were nowhere ready to be balanced. Yet i have this very vivid memory of going to write a check yesterday and not being able to because i had not balanced the ledger. So i don’t really know what’s up with that. Maybe i am going crazy.

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