sleeping is weird

i passed out last night while katsu and some friends of our watched Tokyo SOS. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the passing out had something to do with the four hours spent at the pub (props to sabominator with the early cirrhosis), but it definitely could have been the extended miniaturized fight scenes. I generally don’t like falling asleep when we have company, but before we started the movie I laid down the Truth that ErinirE Will Be Passed Out By The Time This Film Is Over. So i felt empowered. When the Truth was laid down, however, I had every intention of waking up to say goodbye to our guests.

Can you guess what happened?

From my hazy recollection, I jolted to semiconsciousness at some early hour of the morning to find our friends departed and Katsumi asleep next to me on the floor. I staggered to the closet and changed my pajamas and proceeded to drag He and Myself onto the futon, where I slept the sleep of the dead until the apartment flooded with sunlight some three hours later. Not having such amenities as alarm clocks, Katsu and I use our cellphones to wake up, his being set to a series of notes that starts out low but quickly increases to db levels suitable to kill a small animal. Normally he shuts it off before my head starts to bleed. I passed out again as he got ready for work, and only barely remember him patting my head to say goodbye. When I woke up again, I thought that I was late for work FOR SURE.

It was only 8:45 in the morning.

and now, a picture from my friend kha0s, who can be credited with my new sidebar photo.

Drunkenly Leaping to the Ice Cream Shop

giving new meaning to the old song, “i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”.

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