echo of 25…

ok. so i am totally cool. i am hip, hott, happening and all that mish mash. Bearing that in mind, let me tell you about my WILDLY AMAZING night of last.

6:40 ~ leave work

6:50 ~ @ home, pluck eyebrows & take shower

7:15 ~ towel off, decide to have glass of wine & read Sunday Globe

7:45 ~ call friend, who invites me to chill with he & girlfriend

7:50 ~ decide to have more wine while waiting for katsu to return my call

8:00 ~ talk to katsu, who is dining with siblings

8:20 ~ call friend back, suggest drinks with sig. others at nearby bar

8:45 ~ katsu home, proposition him for drinks

8:46 ~ invitation declined

8:50 ~ call friend back, again, decide that perhaps it is too late for drinks, and hanging out would be better done another time

9:00 ~ more wine, more Boston Sunday Globe

9:30 ~ amaze self with progress on crossword

WHAT IN GOOD GOD IS THAT ABOUT. That is, like, the MOST BORING night ever. What am i, old?

However, I know that I am not alone!! Allow me to link (and I hope you girls don’t mind – email me if you’d like me to retract) to styrofoam kitty and flies on the wall one and two. I feel like a lot of things have changed for me over the past year or so. I am more likely to choose a quiet night with a couple DVDs than a jaunt into the city for drinks and dinner, I haven’t been to a live show in what seems like FOREVER, and even while visiting my sister in DC:

drinks before drinking

I was relatively tame. Despite what looks like debauchery and silliness, that night I only had 4 drinks and yet was brutally hungover in the AM.

Perhaps it is that elusive “quarter life crisis” I was hearing so much about a few months ago, or maybe we all really are just getting old and boring. Either way, this weekend I plan to bed down with some hookers and smack to prove to myself that I can still rock it dirty style.

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