i am back, and i am groggy! Waking up this morning was a herculean effort, made worse by “springing forward” or whatever, and I have not known what time it was since Saturday. Coffee does not seem to be working, nor does Diet Coke, but at least my blown-out headache has trickled off, thanks to CVS-brand ibuprofen.

It was a killer weekend full of bars and shopping and eating (always the best, especially when done in concert with drinking) and I will hopefully get my mind back tomorrow so I can put up some pictures of the trip. Most specifically our trip to Chipotle. And my burrito.

But one last thing before I scuttle off into my haze of sleep-deprived web editing! Has anyone ever watched the show “Dr. 90210”? THAT SHIT IS FUCKED UP. i actually saw a man stick a hollow rod into this woman’s bellybutton and JAM IT UP THROUGH HER TORSO AND INTO HER BOOB. AND WIGGLE THE BOOB AROUND WITH THE ROD STILL INSIDE. eeeeee god. I am not too proud to mention that I have often dreamed of implants, but I don’t know. That might just have changed my mind. Yuck!!

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