and i ask you: was it worth it?

ok, so here i am in DC visiting my sister, and of course we went out last night, and of course there were vodka shooters and all manner of nonsense, and of course, there came the crippling saturday-morning hangover. My sister comes staggering out of her bedroom to find me in dehydrated stasis sipping water on the couch.

“I need a smoothie”

so we go. It’s a short walk from her apartment to the dining hall, and it was raining, but no big deal, right? um, no. we opened the door into a monsoon of biblical proportions. rain was falling almost horizontal, driving between the uildings and through my umbrella. Being on low ground, we had to trudge uphill against ankle-deep torrents of silt-laden runoff, water soaking my pyjamas up to mid-thigh. We speculated that the freakish weather might have something to do with the Pope. Either that or global warming, a la “The Day After Tomorrow”. I don’t think that I could be accused of exaggeration if I said that it was absolutely the WORST rainstorm I have ever walked in.

But, we got our smoothies. Oh, yes. we GOT our smoothies.

then back at the apartment I dropped a full bottle of soy sauce on the kitchen floor. And now the whole place smells of wet dog and sushi.

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