cna you feel it? When you are looking at this site now, do your EYES not BLEED from the horrific contrast? You know, i was never really a “pastel” girl, so although I liked the last color scheme and may yet bring it back, it was time for a change.

But let’s talk about spring. because in boston, the past two days have been (almost) warm and sun-sun-sunny. I remember in college when we started having days like these, fratboys would start pulling furniture out onto the lawn and girls would don bikinis and sunbathe on the Quad. (It should go without saying that everyone was drunk, stoned, or otherwise twisted.) It was so great – there was a manic energy across campus, like everyone was ready to bust out and streak across the dean’s lawn.

Now, don’t be worried, I’m not about to go on some soppy notalgic rant about all that has passed behind and whatnot. I’m saying that I feel like it’s still pretty amazing to get that kind of fiebre when the sun peeks out after a long winter. Like I could do anything, like it’s time to lounge on a ratty couch on someone’s porch and drink 40s from the corner store, chain-smoking Marlboro Lights and eating subs. So yeah, even though it’s been 4 years since graduation, when the sun is like this and the air has the taste of spring, I still feel like an awestruck undergrad, buoyant and careless with a thermos full of booze.

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