so about that PSP thing…

so last night at like 11:00 I got drunk on bourbon and wrote this great, long, confessional post about how I was only pretend-mad when I posted that crap yesterday about the PSP and how then over the course of the day I got to thinking about things and play-mad turned into real-mad. Then I mused over WHY I might be mad, and my answers ranged from the insane to the concrete, and there was this really great sentence that went something like:

“I sit idly by, sipping Grey Goose martinis, as my friends and loved ones spend hand-over-fist for their dose of new technology and high-end purses.”

It was all good like that. Unfortunately, the wireless connection stopped working just as I was ready to publish. So you’re saved from my slurred rambling.

Be that as it may, for some reason the PSP sticks in my craw. The Focus excluded, the only thing ever to eat more than one day’s pay was my precious, beautiful guitar, and even that almost gave me a coronary. This, of course, is not to say that I am frugal! I LOVE spending on food & drink, entertainment, etc, but for some reason, when it comes to buying actual THINGS, I freeze. And lately, despite my penchant for reads like “Affluenza” and “Take Back Your Time”, I think I have become jealous of my friends’ ability to collect random and expensive toys. To refurnish their apartment every six months with a blow-out binge at IKEA while my cramped studio is cluttered with hand-me-down appliances and used books.

And maybe I’ve always been under the assumption that Katsumi felt the same as me. And maybe now I’m just jealous of him, too.

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