whats with all the hate?

let me tell you, though, i am full of it. I’ve spent a good chunck of time today surfing around looking at all the “oscar fashion” recaps, and a post made by midwestgrrl totally got me going.


there, I’ve put it on the table. It’s one thing when whichever Olsen twin is painfully skinny, or like Paris Hilton and the topless sidekick pics or whatever, but i am personally offended when a popular actress gains weight to play a role, thusly becoming a hero to millions of “Real Women” as she struts her new curves with pride, only to thwart her followers by subsequently losing all the weight she gained plus an extra 10-15 pounds and showing up to awards ceremonies looking like a skeletal bride of satan that has just swallowed a salt lick. BITE ME, RZ.

phew. that felt good.

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