some anecdotes & images from the weekend:

  • sitting @ a cambridge bar eating pizza with katsumi, am regaled by an elderly gentelman who appears to have drunk too much merlot.
  • meet friends, go out dancing at shitty college bar. pay cash for bad vodka and acquire bruises from flailing elbows of emaciated BU girls.
  • am inexplicably hungover until 3PM Sat afternoon
  • at “breakfast” (4PM sat) parents call; invite us to dinner. Invitation declined.
  • take in a matinee.
  • adjourn to party where we eat jell-o shots and ERINIRE DOES A KEG STAND. (picture courtesy of Bernstein & Andrullli, and is not actually of erinire.)
  • am inexplicably not hungover on Sunday
  • drive home, watch Oscars, eat much food provided by parents, hooray, it’s
  • monday.

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