let me preface this by saying: I HATE VALENTINES DAY TOO. That said, today also happens to be the day that is 3 years after Katsu and i first sport-gorged together at “Betty’s Wok and Noodles” and hence is special in its own right. I was going to post a picture of us and then launch into something, but that didnt work. I have simply linked to it, as you can see. This one is my favorite. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up right there. So now that the wind has been totally taken out of my sails, I will simply say that I think my katsu is the best thing ever, because he cleans off my car for me after it snows and because he takes forever doing the dishes (but when he does they never smell funny like happens sometimes when I do the dishes), and because he is like a big gimpy monkey and because he has sweet dance moves. and there are many other great things about Katsumi of Wrentham, but i don’t want to embarrass him or make all of you sick. I’m sure everyone’s probably already had it with this lovey-dovey crap.





good times, good times. šŸ™‚

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