GOD. i actually WORKED today, which is why my posting is happening at almost 7PM whilst sipping a bloody mary from the last of my boss’ organic tomato juice. He’ll go to make a bloody mary later and be like “What the hell where is my tomato juice, it must have been that alcoholic coproducer of mine” and then i will be fired. no, just kidding. He wouldn’t fire me over a bloody mary. I think.

so i also just got back from MARSHALLS where i dropped an UNGODLY amount of money on several pairs of designer jeans and black shirts and one green shirt with neat-o designs on the front. It is worth noting that my entire wardrobe consists of black shirts and jeans (some designer, some not) and a few green shirts for spice, and as far as I can tell, I do not need any more. And yet… and yet.

I looked in my closet this morning (closet being a loose term, as i store “the clothings” in a back room off my tiny apartment) and was horrified that my warm-weather wardrobe was apparently designed around a Phish concert. I have like, seven of those white hippie peasant tops and ALMOST NOTHING ELSE. So this was really a theraputic shopping trip, as I cannot see spending May – September looking like a straggler from fucking Coventry. Which is also a good story for a later time.

ANNNNNNNNNNND the cocktail is finished and i am going home! hooray!!!

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