so yeah, I changed some stuff yesterday in a fit of mucus-covered boredom while high on antihistamines. Preview? kosher! all are impressed.

then today i visit “the site” on IE (yes, i read my own website, I am a vain and selfish bitch) and OHMYFUCKINGOD what happened. I don’t know if it’s the pseudoamphetamine hangover, but things were looking pretty screwbarbed from where I sat. sorry all, I’ll try to figure out what is going on. it may take me awhile, what with the pea-sized brain and all, but i’ll get to it eventually.

in other news, the cold is (ssh) on its way out, I am now in the “dry-cough / dry-lips” phase of things and today was the first day that no medication was needed! yaaaaaay. Let’s see how a 6:30AM wakeup call treats me tomorrow, that will be the test.

i also watched the inaugural address (sp?) and took video of me squishing Bush’s head and laughing at how much the place sounded like the British Parliament when he brought up all that rap about privatizing social security. You know, all muttering and whatnot. I was impressed by the lack of “bush-isms” but cresftallen that the man still can’t pronounce nuclear as in the bomb. “nuke-you-lar”. no.

again? no.

I was also the only person in America who was not moved to tears by the mother of the fallen GI embracing the female Iraqui voter. Everyone on NPR was all “OH GOD IT IS A NORMAN ROCKWELL MOMENT” and i was all “who the hell is that spanish lady next to Laura? and where are the twins?” ah, me.

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