again with the cold

if you’re sick of me complaining about my cold, SUCK IT UP, cause here i go again.

here, I pose a question. Why is it that the common cold is such an ever-changing phenomenon, increasing in horrible-ness at an uneven rate. Yesterday after work, despite the *dripping* incidents, I felt pretty good. Good enough to go out to dinner! this morning, after my requisite 11 hours of sleep, i felt great! almost NORMAL! My condition deteriorated almost immediately upon entering work, and now, at 4:45, after having eaten a tasteless cup of Whole Foods Minestrone, I feel like death warmed over.


what joys will tomorrow bring? sore throat? the inevitable “nose that is chafed from blowing with toilet paper”? Wet cough? I’d actually welcome a wet cough. after a good wet cough I always feel so accomplished.

that’s the trouble with colds. they’re so non-linear.

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