well well

the best thing I can say about today so far is that i got free soup, which is nice for the cold but kind of bad because as soon as i finished it, my nose immediately clogged to the point where I could no longer breathe. I am in this screening, sitting next to a Very Important Person and my nose is clogged, But I’m in a screening, so I can’t just like, get up and blow my nose. So i breathed through my mouth. Breathing breathing, breathing, and then….

the drip.

you know the kind, the “middle school in the middle of a test sitting next to that cute boy and then a flood of mucus comes gushing forth from your nasal passages” kind of drip. You can’t “sniff” is back, because then everyone would know, you can’t “pick” your nose, because then everyone would see, so you have to sort of surreptitiously daub at the offending nostril as delicately as you can, so it looks like maybe you just did a line of coke or something. something cool. like coke. or, you know, not.

ok, we’re ready to go again. wish me luck!

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