a recap:

and as another week draws to a close, I would like to say that i am the MOST PRODUCTIVE PERSON EVER. not only did i change my entire blog layout and post diligently every day, i also bought new pants and an “itrip” (theipod accessory, not the open declaration of drug use) with the dearth of funds leftover from Christmas. having been in banking-limbo this week while i waited for the last few dusty checks to clear out of my old account, and having already deposited the oh-so-plentiful contents of my savings into my new accounts, i somehow felt that because my money was spread 12 ways to sunday i must have A LOT of money. pitiful fool.

So not only did i spend copious work-hours blogging and teaching myself how to image-tag in HTML, I also spent many a splendored afternoon READING a lot of OTHER blogs! like midwestgrrl, alleyesonjenny, finslippy and the ever-entertaining dooce. Boy oh boy, those college courses sure were worth every penny.

oh, i see. YOU don’t think i did any real WORK do you? I’ll have you know that i sat in on a conference call and wrote some emails, not to MENTION re-doing our budget for the eighth time. I even made some phone calls! And not personal ones!!! real work-type calls!! so there. ppppbth.

in case anyone wants to know, “Sympathy for the Devil” was inspired by the book “The Master and Margarita”.

and i also learned that the only word in the english language that contains the letters “R I J U A” in that order is…


who knew?






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