driving home in the rain on the crossbronx expressway merging left onto 95, or something like that, and it was raining, and i was having a cigarette. but DISASTER as i tried to toss the damn thing out the window and it stuck to my finger and sort of fell limply out of my grasp and back into my car. Being that i was driving on the “rough” outer limits of NYC and being that it was raining and being that new york is not the kind of city that makes this sort of driving easy, i couldn’t really do an immediate search for the burning ember and helplessly drove on, smelling a disturbing mix of smoldering plastic and ash. so in CT i stopped at the first rest stop and couldn’t find the cigarette and so oh well, that’s happened before, it’ll probably turn up somewhere random in like a month.

coming out of the bathroom some minutes later i saw in the mirror that the cigarette had burned itself onto the back of my coat.


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