NYC Vignettes v.1.0

time: 4AM

place: diner in midtown

players: erinirE, Cbelle, teh surfer & some guy named orlando that i don’t know.

status: drunk

eating a early breakfast after an evening of vodka and club sodas and SCOTCH(!!), it was noted that the pancakes ordered by teh surfer were 1) horrible and 2) posessing of a crack in the surface that could be likened to, hey you know that SANDWICH on SESAME STREET or whatever? All made out of FOAM? with like OLIVES for EYES? OHMYGOD you DON’T know the sandwich??? (erinirE proceeds to pick up the pancake and demonstrate the “live talking action” of aforementioned crack, possibly using such witticisms as “hi, i’m a pancake” “rah rah rah”) Although none of the players either knew of the sandwich OR found the idea of the talking pancake amusing in the slightest, erinirE found her own joke amusing in the extreme and spent the remainder of the meal laughing hysterically, intermittently commiserating with her bisquick-based friend and occasionally trying to convince the others that she was really a cool, calm collected twentysomething. a cool calm collected twentysomething with mascara running down her face giggling helplessly and brandishing a half-eaten pancake.


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