undoing the damage

ok – i am going back to the mall tonight to return the apalling amount of strange apparel i purchased on Sunday. (fine fine, i’m KEEPING the weird dress – don’t tell anyone)

in other news, the weirdly realistic dreams continue… last night (or early this morning) i was at my boss’ house and a bunch of rooms had been renovated into these bathrooms with gorgeous blue fixtures… the exact color of the bottle of Skye Vodka i held in my right hand. so i started to go downstairs and there was my boss, looking for his stolen vodka. we had a good laugh about it. in my dream.

the other night, i had a dream that i was at a wine shop and was tasting merlot. and can you fucking believe that I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE IT. IN MY DREAMS I CAN STILL TASTE WINE. God bless my subconscious!

i find it odd that NPR plays Phish before it resumes begging for money.

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