evil bastards

so i look at my credit card bill this month and the fuckers raised my APR like 5 points!! i call the m up ant they’re giving me all this blarney about how the prime rate rose and they mailed me something like 3 months ago saying that my rate might increase… these are the people who mail me those shitty “use these cash advance checks and we’ll charge you this lower rate for a month and ps- there’s a 30% usage fee” letters every month. am i really to be expected to read every piece of junk mail they send me? anyway, i call them up and tell them that i am looking right now at an approval for another card that will charge me only 3.99% APR on my balance transfer for the life of the balance and they are all “well that can’t be possible because it’s lower than prime” or whatever, and i am all, LISTEN BITCH YOU GIVE ME A LOW FIXED RATE OR I AM TAKING MY DEBT ELSEWHERE!!!

and is it ironic that i was listening to an NPR expose on THIS VERY SAME CREDIT COMPANY not even an hour earlier?

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