so the moving truck came today from grandma’s house, filled with such bountiful treasure as:

– well-used garden tools

– plastic bowls

– a large freezer

– a wheelbarrow (or wheelbarrel? i’ve never had to spell that before!)

– a grill, mysteriously still full of burned charcoal

– a cray-pa portrait of my aunt.

So all that is pretty fucking random. but the weirdest thing was:

a long piece of wood.

the movers were like, “so there’s all these garden tools and some wood.” wood? “actually just one piece of wood” ONE piece of wood? “yeah, he said it was special. the other guy [[my uncle]] took the other piece”

… ONE, SPECIAL piece of wood?

my god, we have all gone crazy. i took a slow-cooker, electric frying pan, and hangers, and my dad took a shedful of garden tools and a single, special piece of wood.


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