To Market To Market

So I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing lately. As most of you likely know, I’ve got this little video production company on the side, but what most of you might NOT know is that I also take pictures! Great pictures! Lots of them! While you ponder that, let me ask you this:

If you were in the market for boudoir photography, how would you go about finding it?

It’s a market I want to get into, and I have some really amazing work samples, but I can’t see it being anything but shady just tossing this stuff up online. Like, I just went to upload some so I could link off that last sentence, but I got worried and chickened out at the last minute. I know there’s people out there that read, and I know that at least SOME of you are ladies, so! Ladies! Riddle me this! How would YOU want to be presented with boudoir photography?

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  2. The ones that I have seen were mostly advertised either word-of-mouth (I have a friend who gets hers done regularly; mostly pin-up types of pics) or through hair/make-up stylists. Those folks work hand-in-hand with photographers so they usually can recommend someone. My hairdresser has a list of people she recommends for different events (one photog. specializes in weddings, this person is better at outdoor stuff, this one is great at corporate events, this one is the best for baby pics, etc.). You might ask some of the local stylists if they could recommend you or for a two-way referral. Most of the places that I have seen offer packages that include a hairstylist, make-up artist, and costumer in addition to photos. If you could team up with, say, a hairstylist and have them promote to their clients…


  3. Also, I think the better you stress that you’ll make everyone comfortable, regardless of age/body size the better the reception will be. I’ve seen some places in LA that specialize in plus-size pin ups and they have LOYAL clients who recommend them far and wide – people travel in just for these pictures. Even just simple gestures, like wearing a robe between dressing room and portrait area go a long way for people who like the idea of being made beautiful but aren’t 100% comfortable in their own skin.


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