My wish list is tragic.

You know, they’re really not kidding when you say your gifts get boring as you get older. My big “present to self / present from parents” will be a used Nikon DSLR, which is sh*t-your-pants awesome, but the rest of my imaginary wish list is so mundane I could cry.  Items include:

– a short USB > USB cable. Like, big USB to regular USB.

– sneakers

– rocks glasses

– new deodorant

– black maxidress from Old Navy

– aluminum 1-qt pot, suitable for preparing one can of soup.

– sea salt

I mean, it’s sad that any one of these things would be my 8-year old self’s equivalent of a Teddy Ruxpin. Remember that guy? What a scene.

One response to “My wish list is tragic.”

  1. Your list is not pathetic, it is realistic and shows that you just want simple things. Nothing wrong with that. My list is always to give the money to a charity, there is nothing I NEED. Sure I want a lot of things – like not having depression and anxiety but nobody seems to be able to give that to me!!!

    love your blogs, love you, Caryl


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