I’m always this accurate in my diagnoses. Seriously.

So we’ve had Jake for a little bit now, and, so far, no mishaps. No biting, no scratching, no clawing holes in the screens and, most importantly, no peeing. None. When the doctor went in to take out the errant testicle (Small Jake had a ball in hiding, for the uninitiated, a man-sac that never descended), he discovered that the thing was actually pressing on his ureter. Or urethra. Whatever.

Anyway, point is, that whole time he was peeing like crazy all over the apartment? He probably couldn’t help it! Poor little guy. I really did hate him, that time he hit my boots, and I almost broke his neck when he peed on the red velvet loveseat. Our landlord said, after Jake, that he’d never let another cat live in one of his buildings again. That’s probably because of that time when Jake let loose all down the back stairway. I mean, I can’t say I blame him – he had to rip out the carpet in the hallway, and even after THAT, it STILL stunk of urine.

I was very wary when I took him back in. I had prepared myself for the worst. But, and I’m knocking on wood, he’s been just great! Friendly, even! He likes to sit on my lap and get all over my computer now, and he cuddles when we watch TV. He was never so relaxed before! And it’s probably because, you know, I was right. He just needed to get snipped. Free advice: neuter your animal.

3 responses to “I’m always this accurate in my diagnoses. Seriously.”

  1. Thank you, Bob Barker.


  2. Our cat was always the BEST about not doing his business anywhere other than a litter box, so when he started peeing in the sink or bathtub drain (hey, I’ll take it! Just rinse with water and it never happened!) I knew something was up and it turned out that he had uric acid crystals building up in his bladder — similar to kidney stones in people. Luckily, he didn’t need surgery or anything, just a change of diet — from whatever brand he had before (Friskies or something) to Iams — with less purine in it. If your cat continues to pee everywhere, he might just be trying to tell you something. One way to tell if they’re being brats or being serious is to move their food. My cat will poop in a specific area of the living room when he’s mad. When he starts acting up, I put a bowl of dry food there (they try to avoid pooping where they eat) and it totally stops him. If he’s really sick, then he’ll still hang around there, wanting to poop there (he gets upset stomachs easily and he’ll do the living room poop to let me know his stomach hurts).


  3. Wow, that’s an awesome success story!


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