Like a Quick Tip, but not from Yelp.

I was 30 minutes early for an all-afternoon budget meeting yesterday, so I decided to kill some time in West Roxbury. I stopped at the 7-11, bought smokes and Diet Coke, then made my way down Centre St. to see what I could see. What I saw wasn’t much, until I spotted a pirate flag raised aloft outside a random storefront.

“Pirate Flag?” I thought to myself, “this must be good.”

I pegged it for a little boutique, or perhaps a junk shop, but I was wrong on both counts. In fact, I had unwittingly found Boston’s best-kept sci-fi secret, Seek Books. Now, I’m not much of a sci fi nut myself, so I spent a lot of time feeling uncomfortable and petting the resident feline, but I hate to go into these small stores and buy NOTHING, so eventually I found a cool Christmas present for my new boss in their unquestionably above-bar religion section.

Free advice: if you need a gift for the geek in your life, check this place out.

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