Hey Mom! I’m on the internet!

I got an unlikely email today. Subject line: “you’re in this gallery”, body simply:


I invite you to click, and scroll down to the end. Recognize that face?

Me in the Hooters in Fargo, ND. I never thought I’d see the day.


5 responses to “Hey Mom! I’m on the internet!”

  1. Damn. You got the biggest camera out there!


  2. it’s not mine – but I definitely don’t want it to be! Shit’s heavy!


  3. Wait, is #7 Hermione!!???


  4. Looks like you’ve got the biggest smile, too. Is that because you made the list, or beacause you’re at a Hooters?


    1. It’s because I’m holding about 50k of camera gear on one shoulder.

      And because I’m about to eat fried pickles.



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