Small victories sometimes mean a larger defeat.

Before today, I’d never really used a plunger. I mean, who doesn’t know how to use a plunger right, but until today I’d never effectively PLUNGED a TOILET. On my own.

Unfortunately, I spent today working from my boss’ home.

Despite my best efforts, the floodwaters burst the banks. Big mess. Through the ceiling. Many towels.

My sister overflowed a toilet in a Boston Market this one time, when she was, like, six. She’s 21 now, and, to this day, won’t step foot in a Boston Market. Just like her, I want everyone to know that IT WASN’T ME WHO CLOGGED IT! Unlike her, I don’t have a boycott option.

One response to “Small victories sometimes mean a larger defeat.”

  1. so i work in a 3 story house. the “office” is the first and second floor… and my boss lives on the third floor. toilets clog daily. mice scamper around our desks and leave little presents. i knew my boss’ wife was in labor this morning because i HEARD HER.

    just never work in your boss’s house if there is ever any other option……


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