Inside my head, it’s all just *squeeee!*

B! is moving here. I fly out to Phoenix in exactly one week to collect him, and then we drive cross-country back home to MA. The trip will take eight days, give or take, and we move in to our very own apartment on October 2. I’m so excited I feel like I might be ill.

People, this shit is HAPPENING. It’s so on!!!

One response to “Inside my head, it’s all just *squeeee!*”

  1. Excellent. Make sure you get some music for the ride. I’m happy to recommend some stuff from the BIG DRIVE OH FIVE playlist which is probably still kicking around somewhere.

    Also, pro tip: check all the highways for height restrictions BEFORE you drive them. (aka, do not drive on the Merritt Parkway through CT in a 10’6″ moving truck)


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