Why Weddings Make Me Happy

I kind of feel weird about being almost-divorced when I meet with some of these brides. I worry they’ll think I’m some bitter old hag who’s just in it for the money. But the truth is, I love shooting weddings! I’m rarely happier than I am driving home, exhausted, after a night spent shooting someone else’s magical day.

I have such great memories of my own wedding – my sisters’ toasts, so much family, our very last dance. We stayed up until 3am in the hotel lobby, drinking and eating pizza with all of our friends. We’d planned to stay at a different hotel, but decided at the last minute to ditch our room and party instead. Despite what happened to my marriage, I still look at March 17, 2007 as the best day of my life.

What a gift to have the opportunity, week after week, to join in the happiest day of someone ELSE’s life. To capture it on video, to set it to music, prune out the part where my camera’s aimed at the floor, and make it magic all over again. I just love it. Seriously. I do.

One response to “Why Weddings Make Me Happy”

  1. You made our wedding awesome just by being there! But the pictures make nice mementos too.


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