Looking for apartments is kind of depressing.

Check it out. This is what I’ve been dealing with. I’m looking for a 1-bedroom as close to $900 a month as I can get, as close to the city as I can get. I’ve been aiming mostly at the North Shore (because it’s and closer (and has less suck factor) than Worcester)(which is where things start to get cheap again heading West) – Chelsea, Everett, even *gasp* LYNN. The pickings are slim, and when you add in the Jake factor pickings get even slimmer.

There’s this, which is clearly a cleverly disguised basement, this, which distracts you from its hideous carpeting with its soul-killing wood-paneled walls, and this, which is not, in fact, a one-bedroom but an incredibly tiny studio. $850 for 200 square FEET? Are you KIDDING me? Maybe I got spoiled by our old place, a wonderful 2-bedroom in Eastie with wood floors and lots of sun, but I can’t believe that these are my only choices. Luckily (or not), all the listings now are for September rental, and I’m not looking to move until October, following a 2-week cross country journey with my B!. I only hope that next month brings some better properties. In the interim, be on the lookout for a cat-friendly pad with hardwood floors, a gas stove, and laundry on-site. French doors and high ceilings are huge selling points.

7 responses to “Looking for apartments is kind of depressing.”

  1. Hey, don’t slag Worcester… it isn’t that bad… not really. There are some pretty nice areas around here too.


  2. I understand not wanting to live in Worcester, but a couple of my friends pay $1000 for a surprisingly nice 2-bedroom there. It has hardwood floors, high ceilings, and is pet-friendly (they have a dog).


  3. I moved from Eastie to Brighton and I’ve been in the same spot since we were neighbahs… it’s right on Chestnut Hill Reservoir. My big alcove studio is about 650 sq ft, rent was just raised to 1000 but it’s worth calling the property manager to see what he’s willing to do. No lease, no security, quiet, I have considered just growing old and dying in this apartment. The apt across the hall from me is newly vacant, actually.


  4. What about Quincy? That is where I landed after my divorce for less than $850. I found a place that sounds like your Eastie place. Good Luck in your search.


  5. Oh man – Good Luck! I looked at over 30 apts before finding mine. It’s brutal out there. Don’t be afraid to ask if they’re flexible on rent… I talked my people down over 25/ month before I signed a lease.


  6. Have you tried Davis Square or East Arlington? $900 is reasonable in those areas and you are close to the redline.


  7. My SO has a nice place in Dorchester, right on the water, across the street from UMass, that she’s looking to move out of – to move in with me in my house in Worcester. But I think her rent is like $1200/month. One bedroom, 6th floor, with views of the water. To break her lease she needs to find someone to take it off her hands so she’s not liable for the rent until the leasing office gets around to filling it.


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