I was trying to edit and having some trouble, so I went out to clear my head. I got stressed about where to drive and stressed that I was wasting gas, but I decided to go to Starbucks even though I’m kind of stressed about money and had already bought a coffee this morning. I arrived at Starbucks, the parking lot of which stresses me out to drive in, and couldn’t figure out what to order because I realized I wasn’t in the mood for a coffee after all. The kid at the register was training and that sort of put me on edge – I hate dealing with trainees, they seem socially awkward – and had to be told twice what size earl grey latte I wanted. While I waited for my tea I got worried that they might use whole milk instead of skim, so I checked in on Foursquare to distract myself. As I was searching for “Starbucks”, the app crashed, which really bugs me for some reason, and just then I remembered it’s actually cheaper (and just as effective) to order a tea and then just dump a bunch of milk in it than it is to order a tea latte. Shit. Back to the money thing. When I finally got my expensive and wholly undeserved little beverage I realized they didn’t have any honey. I thought about asking for some but the idea the trainee was too much to bear, and I thought about putting some sugar in but recalcitrated, as sugar might make it too sweet. After a few awkward minutes staring at the Splenda, I walked out, got back into my car, took a sip, burned my tongue, and then, once I was halfway home, realized that what I’d really wanted the whole time was a chai.

Ah well.

One response to “Stresslets”

  1. I had a similar type of Starbucks incident a few weeks ago during an ultra stressful day at work, although my debacle happened over a frappachino (….I never order those? Who am I?….)


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