Decisions, Decisions

I’m terrible at making choices. Generally, I prefer to let life happen at me, pulling me along with the tide. This approach has worked, to a greater or lesser extent, for most of my life, if you don’t count the divorce and the mental breakdown. I had a series of great, well-paying, incredibly rewarding jobs, spent a long time in a relationship with the nicest man you could ever hope to meet, and right now I’m in a very good place, despite all the recent change. But see, none of this was my doing. The jobs just HAPPENED. The relationship just HAPPENED. And that’s how it went.

After a year on the dole, I now have not one but TWO part time job offers. They are very different scenarios: one is 2nd shift, pays a little less than I make in unemployment, and is the kind of work you can leave at the office. It’s not really in film production, but it IS at my favorite company in the whole wide world. The other is a real live production gig and is days, three days to be exact. It also pays less than I make in unemployment, but is the kind of job you can really sink your teeth into. And it may involve travel to China. Maybe. Who knows.

The first job would be stable and long-lasting. The second job would be a contract gig ’till fall, and it would be up to me to make myself so indispensable that they have no choice but to hire me full time. Both would give me room to work on my own projects. Neither would infringe on my summer travel plans. Both are incredibly appealing in their own way, and I know that no matter what decision I make, I’ll love and regret it in turns.

And I have to decide which job I take by tomorrow.


4 responses to “Decisions, Decisions”

  1. If both offer the same remuneration… I would recommend you err on the side of what you will actually enjoy more. I’ve been in positions before where the only thing that kept me from going crazy is that i actually enjoyed what i was doing. Also, even though the contract job is short-term #1- I have no doubts that you will find a way to make yourself indispensable really quickly… and after they know you, they will have no choice but to love you and will never want to let you go. #2: I’m not sure how it is in MA, but in FL if you start working after being on unemployment and make less that you would receive from said unemployment, you are still allowed to claim the difference… might be worth looking into.
    #3: Sticking to what you know and love is best… plus it looks better on a resume for future endeavors.
    Those are my rambling thoughts on the subject… hope it helps. 🙂


  2. take the 2nd one. i mean china! you love everything about china! even if it is only a possibility that you could go. i say do it! worry about the fall in the fall.

    good luck 🙂


  3. I say the first one….I am a big proponent of leaving work at the office. Plus it is for your favorite company of all time.


  4. Take the second production gig job. Sink your teeth into it.


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