Weirdest Cat Ever Award: I win!!

I came home the other day and smelled that smell – that familiar, pungent smell that can only mean one thing. Jake has struck again.

Some of you may remember the trouble with the cat pee thing. It’s gotten better recently, or I’ve grown more used to it, but this was different. The whole fucking apartment reeked, but I couldn’t find cat pee anywhere. It was totally bizarre.

4 hours later, Katsu and I were settling in for a game of Monopoly when I looked over to my left and saw my two painting bowls full – FULL – of cat pee. Of course it had splattered this way and that, and the cleanup was nothing short of nasty, but tell me, what cat decides to pee in the only bowl in sight? Like he wanted to pee IN something, not ON something?

I got him new litter today, but I think I’m going to start leaving bowls and platters here and there, just in case.

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